Permit to Carry Training for MN, WI, UT & FL

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Bob Amey - Lead Instructor - Certified for MN and UT Carry Permit Training

This training also far exceeds the requirements for FL and WI permits.

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I received notice on 7/31/2017 that starting 8/1/2017, there will be a new $20.00 background check fee for anything that requires such check including Concealed Firearms Permit and Provisional permits.  If you took a class prior to 8/1/2017, the fee will be waived but only until 9/1/2017.  After that date everyone will need to pay the extra $20.00 fee.  Sorry for the short notice but that is all the notice I received from Utah BCI.  So now $67.00 for the initial 5 year permit and $15.00 for each 5 year renewal.


Utah will now issue provisional licenses to 18, 19 and 20 year olds.  They are valid to the 21th birth date at which time they can apply for a regular permit to carry.  The provisional permit is for handguns only and does not allow carry on school grounds.


 The Utah application form has changed.  The questions in the middle part of the form previously asked if you have ever been arrested for certain offenses.  With the new change, it now asks if you have ever been convicted of those crimes.  Also the resident fee was reduced to $41.00


Any applications received at Utah BCI after April 1, 2012 must be accompanied by the new fee.  The good news is that the fee is dropping from the current $65.00 to $51.00.  Regardless of the price on the certified application you received at completion of your class, you must send the proper fee or the application will be returned.   Better yet, use the option at the bottom of the application form to pay with a credit card.  They will charge your card the then current fee so you don't have to worry about having your application returned for fee issues.


I spent the day recertifying my instructor credentials.  Utah now has 302,000 active permits with a population about half of Minnesota's.   (MN has about 83,000 active permits)  Utah's law has "Stand Your Ground", strong "Castle Doctrine" language, "presumption of reasonableness" and they recognize any other states permit.  These are the four items that were attempted in the Minnesota Legislature and failed.  The anti's say "there will be blood in the streets" and a "return to the wild west".  I've looked around and found no blood and if this is the "wild west", I'm all for it.


NEW Concealed Firearm Related Laws

On May 10, 2011 several new laws will go into effect regarding concealed firearm permits, fees and concealed firearm instructors. The corresponding bills include: 1st Substitute S.B. 36, H.B. 214 and 1st Substitute H.B. 257.

One major change in the new law is regarding some non-resident applicants for the Utah concealed firearm permit. If a non-resident applicant is from a state that either has a formal reciprocity agreement with Utah or recognizes the Utah concealed firearm permit, the applicant must hold and provide proof of a current concealed firearm or concealed weapon permit issued by the applicant’s state of residency upon application for the Utah concealed firearm permit. This change will not affect those applicants who reside in a state that does not have formal reciprocity or recognition with Utah, i.e. California, New York, Kansas, etc. Renewal applications will be under this new requirement starting January 1, 2012.

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