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Bob Amey - Lead Instructor - Certified for MN and UT Carry Permit Training

This training also far exceeds the requirements for FL and WI permits.

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6/24/2022  Supreme Court rules New York permit restrictions are discriminitory and unconstitutional.  This ruling could also have implications for New Jersy, Calfornia and Oregon.




We are facing a barrage of anti gun proposals in congress.  Please keep up to date and call, write and email your representatives and senators.

Following the Oklahoma City bombing there was no cry for anti truck legislation, not even HIGH CAPACITY trucks like used in that bombing.  No cry to severely restrict the right if LAW ABIDING citizens use of fertilizer or diesel fuel either.

Following the Boston marathon, there was no cry to ban pressure cookers.  Now pressure cookers are proliferating looking more ominous than ever and are "FAST CYCLING" with the advent of the induction pressure cookers.  There is no cry to ban their use by LAW ABIDING cooks.

Following decades of large numbers of deaths at the hands of drunk drivers, there is still no cry to ban cars used by LAW ABIDING drivers.. 

In NONE of those situations have restriction been burdened on the law abiding citizen.  Instead we put blame squarely on the shoulders of those that committed such heinous crimes.  Every time there is a mass shooting, they want to impose all kinds of restrictions on law abiding gun owners.  Please explain the very different logic to me because I do not understand it.



 The National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill was combined in the House with the "FIX NICS" bill and was passed in the House.  The Senate is taking the reciprocity bill up as a stand alone bill and strong opposition is expected.  If it passes in the Senate, they will need to hammer out the differences with the House.  The reciprocity bill is consider by all of the major gun groups as a positive thing.  On the other hand, most gun groups see the "FIX NICS" legislation as being too far reaching and having a negative effect on law abiding citizens.  Stay informed.  As I often say in class, my Grandfather often said "nobody is safe when congress is in session."



U.S. Representative Richard Hudson introduced a National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill  (H.R. 38)  which would make your permit from your home state valid in all states, much like your driver's license.  This has bee introduced in previous sessions of congress but Washington D.C. has a different make up now. 

I like this proposal much more that a national permit.  A national permit system could be too easy to wipe our, by executive order for example.



The below action by the VA Commissioner of Public Safety is Postponed for one month, pending action in the legislature to restore prior recognition and reciprocity.


Effective 2/1/2016

***** NOTICE****

Legal review conducted in 2015 pursuant to § 18.2-308.014 of the Code of Virginia identified several jurisdictions that currently fail to meet the statutory requirements for recognition of the concealed carry permits they issue.   As a result of that review, effective February 1, 2016, concealed carry permits issued by the following jurisdictions are NO LONGER VALID in Virginia:


New Mexico  
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota 


Listing of states with which Virginia has Reciprocity Agreements (A formal written agreement exists between the two jurisdictions):  

West Virginia

Listing of states with which Virginia has mutual recognition (Jurisdictions have informally agreed to honor permits issued by the other):




In a major victory for gun owners, a federal judge has ruled the DC ban on handgun carry is unconstitutional.    Supreme Court may ultimately decide.



Illinois non-residents can now can now carry in their vehicle if they have their home state permit.  See statute reference below.

430 ILCS 66/40

(e) Nothing in this Act shall prohibit a non-resident from transporting a concealed firearm within his or her vehicle in Illinois, if the concealed firearm remains within his or her vehicle and the non-resident:
(1) is not prohibited from owning or possessing a
firearm under federal law;
(2) is eligible to carry a firearm in public under
the laws of his or her state or territory of residence, as evidenced by the possession of a concealed carry license or permit issued by his or her state of residence, if applicable; and
(3) is not in possession of a license under this Act.
If the non-resident leaves his or her vehicle unattended, he or she shall store the firearm within a locked vehicle or locked container within the vehicle in accordance with subsection (b) of Section 65 of this Act. 
(Source: P.A. 98-63, eff. 7-9-13; 98-600, eff. 12-6-13.)



The Supreme Court of the United States in Salinas v. Texas says your silence can be used against you if you do not expressly invoke your 5th Amendment privilege  to remain silent and not incriminate yourself.  You need to invoke the 5th early and often when questioned by police.  "I need to speak to my attorney before questioning and I do not consent to any search" !!!  :

Salinas v. Texas

Docket No. Op. Below Argument Opinion Vote Author Term
12-246 Tex. Crim. App. Apr 17, 2013
Jun 17, 2013 5-4 Alito OT 2012

Holding: When petitioner had not yet been placed in custody or received Miranda warnings, and voluntarily responded to some questions by police about a murder, the prosecution’s use of his silence in response to another question as evidence of his guilty at trial did not violate the Fifth Amendment because petitioner failed to expressly invoke his privilege not to incriminate himself in response to the officer’s question.

Judgment: Affirmed, 5-4, in an opinion by Justice Alito on June 17, 2013. Justice Thomas, joined by Justice Scalia, concurred only in the judgment. Justice Breyer filed a dissenting opinion joined by Justice Ginsburg, Justice Sotomayor, and Justice Kagan.



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