Permit to Carry Training for MN, WI, UT & FL

 Be Aware - Be Able - Be Safe


Bob Amey - Lead Instructor - Certified for MN and UT Carry Permit Training

This training also far exceeds the requirements for FL and WI permits.

Women on Target Training Opportunities

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I highly recommend the Women on Target class to any woman that has always wanted to try shooting as a sport but found their spouse or significant other was not the most patient teacher.  This is designed for beginners to help them get started on the basics in a safe environment.  Women are the fastest growing segment in the shooting sports.   Also the most enthusiastic segment.  It's very fun to watch the transformations that happen as they develop the skills and gain confidence in such a short period of time.   I love this program!!  Bob


Hudson Rod, Gun & Archery Club Presents

Women on Target

Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics create more opportunities for women to learn all about firearms, and to gain confidence in their newly- acquired shooting skill

• Learn safe firearms handling.
• Learn how to store your firearms safely.                                                           • Learn a sport you'll enjoy for a lifetime.    


What are you waiting for?
Come join the fun!

Please note that both programs run on the same dates so you can choose between one program or the other but not both on the same dates.  Both programs are offered each year.



September 18 and 21, 2019 - Pistol & Rifle training.



  September 18 and 21, 2019 - Trap & Skeet training.

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Emergency Training