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10/29/2011  The Department of Justice has issued it's rules.  The proof of training certificate under the rules is much more specific than the statute.  The training you received from me meets the training requirements.  The certificate you have from your class may not.  The new "rules" require that my phone number and training location be on the certificate for example. 
As a service to my customers, I printed replacement certificates that meet the requirements of the Department of Justice for ALL Wisconsin residents that have EVER taken my class and they are in the mail.  You should have them by November 1, 2011.  Applications will will be available on the Department of Justice website on November 1, 2011.

Please note that some other rules are that you must include a signed statement that everything on your application is true and correct to the best of your knowledge.  You can also submit a copy of your existing Minnesota or Utah permit to carry as proof of training.  If you take this path, you must also include a signed statement that your permit is not revoked.  It can be expired, but not revoked.

10/20/2011  The Department of Justice issued the rules in a new FAQ sheet: .  A few interesting items of note.  Beginning November 1, 2011 Wisconsin will honor permits from 25 states including MN and Utah but only for non residents. Wisconsin will not honor the Florida Permit even though the training requirement and background check are in place in Forida.
Wisconsin residents can only carry in Wisconsin with a Wisconsin permit.  It should also be noted that there have been several instructors offering online training for the Wisconsin permit with the claim that such training was approved by the state.  The last question on page 8 of the linked FAQ states that Wisconsin will not accept online training as meeting the state's training requirement.

 Governor Walker signs off on Department of Justice temporary administrative rules for concealed carry.  These temporary rules require four hours of training and the instructors signature on the course completion certificate.  Walker was quoted as saying "The permanent rules must be dramatically improved.  We are confident the Legislature will do what is necessary to fix the Department of Justice's overreaching rules."  The statute itself has no 4 hour training requirement and does not require the instructors signature.  My classes continue to be 8 hours and do provide signed training certificates, so the rules won't have an effect on my students.  Having said that, I still believe that DOJ over stepped their authority in imposing these rules.

9/14/2011  Many WI residents are asking why they should take a class if they have already had hunters safety or military training.  While it's true that hunters safety and military small arms training will meet the WI training requirements for the permit to carry a concealed hand gun, that training lacks training in avoiding the deadly force situation, the deadly force encounter itself and the legal ramifications of the use of deadly force.  This is extremely important information to the permit holder.  In short, those classes and classes like NRA Basic Pistol will teach you how to handle a gun, my classes will teach you that and how to handle yourself and the situation.

8/19/2011   The Wisconsin Department of Justice site has the text of the law and a frequently asked questions link .  Good reading.  It pretty much answers all the questions that come to mind.

At the NRA/ILA grass roots meeting on 7/22/2011 in Baldwin, even the folks that helped keep WI training requirements to the current level, advised that folks that get permits seek out additional training.  The more prepared and knowledgeable you are the better off you will be.

Another very real consideration is reciprocity.  Effective 11/1/2011 the Wisconsin permit will be honored by only a few states; those that recognize a permit from ANY other state.  By taking either of our classes, the WI resident can apply to Utah for example.  Utah currently has reciprocity agreements with 35 states.  As a non-resident Utah permit holder, you are allowed to carry in most of those 35.  There are a few that only recognize resident permits so you will not be able to carry in those states.  If you travel outside of WI, reciprocity will be an important issue.  It may very well take years for WI to hammer out agreements with other states.

Please call or email if you have questions.

Thank you.



Bill signed into law.   To take effect in November.


Rumor has it the Governor Walker will sign the bill into law on Friday, 7/8/2011.


Assembly passes SB93 by a vote of 68-27.  Governor Walker expected to sign bill into law.  Bill requires training and background checks.


The Senate passed the Concealed Carry bill by a vote of 25 to 8.   Passage in the Assembly is pretty much assured as is Governor Walker's signature.  The current bill would require training and a background check.  It would also honor permits from any other state that requires training and background checks for NON-RESIDENTS of Wisconsin.  I do not see anything that indicates that Wisconsin will be issuing any non-resident licenses.   It appears the your MN or Utah Permit to Carry would be valid if you are NOT A WISCONSIN RESIDENT.  However, if you are a Wisconsin Resident and possess a permit from any other state that has a training and background check requirement, you can use your permit from the other state to establish that you have had previous training and that should meet the training requirement for Wisconsin.  So having a permit from another state may speed up the process for an individual seeking a Wisconsin permit.  It appears that the Wisconsin training requirement can also be met if you have a DNR firearms safety certificate from any state that is recognized by Wisconsin DNR or if you have a DD214 which would indicate military firearms training.    The above is my take on what the bill and substitute amendment say.  I also believe that my training credentials will be accepted by the state of Wisconsin as I am certified by the NRA, State of Minnesota and the State of Utah.  You can read the substitute amendment at and the complete bill at  The Substitute Amendment states that there will be no live fire shooting required as part of the training.  The Utah permit does not require live fire either and the Utah permit is widely recognized by other states so it would be a good addition to the Wisconsin license for Wisconsin residents who travel to other states, including Minnesota.   It will be a fairly long process for other states to decide if they will recognize the Wisconsin license if history is any indicator.  I do feel that my Utah and/or Minnesota permit class offers much more than the DNR or military training as it relates to the carry of a firearm by civilians for self defense including tactical and practical carry issues.


The bill, as amended by the Legislative Budget Committee, will be voted on by the Senate on Tuesday, June 14.


The Legislative Budget Committee approved changes that would require a permit and training.  The permit would cost $50.00 for 5 years.  Training would be satisfied by a hunter safety class or past military training as verified by DD214.  The Assembly bill included a permit but no training.  The Senate bill required neither, more in the vein of constitutional carry.


Gov. Walker issues statement that says "If a concealed carry bill reaches my desk, it should include a permit and training provisions."


The Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on Constitutional Carry bill on Wednesday, 5/25/2011 at 1:30.  As the bill stands now, you would not be required to have a permit, but a permit would be available for purposes of reciprocity.   Or, you could take my Utah class and be able to carry in 33 states with or without wondering what the State of Wisconsin will work out with the other states.  That's available to you NOW!

 5/5/2011   Constitutional Carry Bill completed and released.