Permit to Carry Training for MN, WI, UT & FL

 Be Aware - Be Able - Be Safe


Bob Amey - Lead Instructor - Certified for MN and UT Carry Permit Training

This training also far exceeds the requirements for FL and WI permits.

Emergency Permit Training

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        Free classes for those qualifying for MN emergency carry permits.

I will make every effort to do free, same day training in emergency situations.  Free means at NO COST for class, certification, use of range, use of firearm if needed for live fire exercise and ammunition used in live fire exercise.   Emergency permits are good for 30 days and the sheriff has 30 days after application to issue the 5-year regular permit so acting quickly is essential for continuous permit coverage.

Why?  Because often the people most in need of a permit are usually not in a position to pay.  By eliminating the training cost completely, it is hoped they will take necessary steps needed for their own situation, whatever it might be.  Those seeking this free training do not have to convince me of their emergency situation, they have to convince the sheriff.  If the sheriff approves their emergency permit, that's all I need to know.


Emergency Training