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Bob Amey - Lead Instructor - Certified for MN and UT Carry Permit Training

This training also far exceeds the requirements for FL and WI permits.

Unsolicited Testimonials Taken From Course Evaluations

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"This was a very informative class and did learn a lot."  Anon   4/24/2021

"Very informative and helpful.  Appreciate the great comunication and quick reponses to questions before our class.  Thank you Bob"  KK  4/24/2021

"Mr. Amey - This is the second time attending your class.  The first was to obtain a first time Permit to Carry.  The second was to renew expiring permits.  My point is yo are clearly informed and passionate.  I found each class to be interesting, Informative and beneficial.  Thank you for provideing instruction in the classroom and on the gun range.  WIth appreciation"  AM 4/24/2021.

"I have had the opportunity to take this class 2X now.  Bob is a great instructor and keeps your attention for the entire time.  I will continue to recommend his class to anyone interested in carrying.  Thank you again."   Troy L.  4/10/2021

"Bob was clear in content and kept the presentation at a good pace with a style that maintined attentions and learning.  He was also sensitive to the class and members' need (group and individual), in class and during the shooting exercise.  Further his priority for safety was evident in how we proceeded and in his attention to detail at the range.  Finally, Bob was skilled at interjecting humor at an apprpriate amount while maintaining the seriousness of our training and learning.

The classroom was well lit and comfortable with appropriate spacing to be sensitive regardingCovid.  The coffee, tea and treats wer greatly apprciated.  The onlly distraction here was an intermittnet beep fromthe newly installed security system.  However, when a classmate called it to Bob's attention, he immediately responded by closing some doors - reducing the noise.

This was our first time aththe gun club in Hudson ( as well as newbies to firing) - the gun club may beneg=fit from having someone (administrator) stopping in briefly to introduce the sevrive, cost, membership, etc.  Bob diod a great point at highlighting the venue, but it could be in the club's benefit to have someone do a short PR on it.

Thank's Bob.  This was far better than I anticipated."  Anon teacher  4/10/2021. 
Instructor's comment:  A very kind evaluation.  Perhaps the longest ever.  Thank you.

"Bob Amey was an excellent instructor, totally had me an daughters full attention all day.  Really liked the real life examples told to the class.  I (we) will recommend Bob to all friends inquiring about taking a permit to carry class.  Thanks Bob!"  Anon.  8/22/2020

"This class was very informative.  Its a great way to understand gun safety.  I appreciate Bob Amey's instructions and observations on the shooting range.  He is calm, an expert and a great communicator."  Anon.  7/25/2020

"Would be nice to hand the gun around or walk to the tables to show it.  Did like checking the guns out on break."  Anon.  3/14/2020. 
Instructor comments:  Handing a gun around the classroom is difficult to do.  Depending on where a student is seated, there are seats with people on both sides, in front and behind a student.  In the interest of everyone's safety, I let students examine guns at the display table during breaks with 2 rules:  all students stand behind the table and all guns to be pointed to a graphic on the wall behind the table.  Much easier to control muzzle direction that way.  Can also address any questions that come up on any of the guns for any of the participants.

"8 hours on guns, usage, safety and knowledge seems like it should be a boring day.  I appreciate that you were able to teach such a broad knowledge base while keeping the class interesting.  I learned a lot from this class.  Thanks for all you patience and understanding with all the students.  That put me at ease with my fears and nerves...... 

Great Class Bob!!  I am very impressed with your teaching skills and knowledge base.

Your family does a wonderful job helping to educate and bring all students to a good level of understanding of guns / safety.  Love their patience and encouragement."
  LB  10/26/2019

"Bob, Thank you! I am so glad that I checked with you and that you responded so quickly! After taking the MN Course from a different provider this year and seeing what it was like,  I am definitely going to refer my friends and associates to your organization in the future because both my wife and I felt that your offering was more detailed, thorough and memorable."  ML via email 10/22/19

"Very thorough job..  Enjoyed it.  Thank you."  VW  7/27/2019

"I took Bob Amey's class 5 years ago and promised myself to take it again.  He is thorough and knowledgeable about all topics.  Three things were important:  to see how much I retained, to see how much I missed the first time and how much had changed.  Many more questions I had were answered and I would and will take his course again in 5 years.  Hope he is still conducting training then."   JMJ  7/27/2019

"One of the best classes I've attended."  Anon  12/8/2018

"Bob had great stories that really helped understand the situations you might encounter.  I think some of the videos are in better quality on YouTube.  Something to consider updating.  Appreciate the style of the class, handouts and snacks.  Very thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable.  I appreciate that (for the most part) Bob kept his personal views private yet still gave us very valuable and relevant information."  Anon  11/3/2018

"Bob is very thorough in his teaching.  I appreciate his class.  This was for my MN renewal.  Thanks Bob.  Mark R."  9/29/2018

"Very, very knowledgeable.  Excellent presentation style.  Covered all aspect / subjects well.  Answered questions.  I will definitely refer people to Mr. Amey's class.  Thanks for the great experience!"  Anon  9/29/2018

"Enjoyed Bob's detailed coverage of all the aspects of the class.  Thanks Bob."  Anon  9/8/18

"Thank you for the extra help."  Anon  7/21/2018

"Very specific and family friendly."  Anon  7/21/2018

"Excellent presentation & training.  Very informative without being dry.  Great job.  Thanks!"
Anon  7/21/2018

"Excellent presentation.  Interesting but too long.  Get rid of the XD cleaning video - all guns come apart and clean differently."  Anon  5/5/2018   
Instructor comment:  A cleaning demonstration is required by one of the states covered in this class so it cannot be left out.  We take every requirement seriously and we do not cut corners.  Having said that, I will look for a more concise cleaning presentation that still incorporates the information required.  Thank you.

"Instructor very knowledgeable and easy to listen to."  Anon  5/5/2018

"Much, much better that the 1st class at another place.  Good Job!!"  Anon  5/5/18

"Bob, his son and daughter in-law are all great instructors.  This class, by far exceeds what my expectations were.  All questions were answered with patience and clarity.  No pressure.  Calm and observant instruction and training.  I am here with other deaf new shooters and Bob was incredible!  I will always recommend his class!  Thanks so much to Bob and his family.  Anon  3/10/2018

"Great job.  Nice change of pace to meet needs of audience.  Level headed on facts and logic.  Very open to questions."  Anon  3/10/2018

"Glad we came back for our refresher with you Bob.  Super informative.  I will highly recommend to friends and family.  You do a great job!  P.S.  Thank you for the padded chair upgrade.  LOL"  Anon  3/3/2018

"Thank you for a well informed class that you presented very well.  Break times and such were very good and your selection of guns and holsters was varied and enlightening.  Thanks Bob."  Anon  3/3/2018

"Thanks Bob!  I learned way more than I expected to and I am So Thankful."  Anon  11/11/2017

"Very well paced.  Thorough.  Managed course and everyone's "stories" and sidetracks well.  Confirmation and outreach prior to class would be nice.  Great value, great content, good day.  Videos were nice, a couple more would be welcome."  Anon  11/11/2017

"Very helpful class.  During target shooting, offered helpful tips.  I'm leaving more prepared, ."  more confident. eager to practice more often, and probably look for a different gun.
Anon 11/11/2017

"This class was OUTSTANDING.  I've had 4 other classes and this one is head and shoulders above them.  And I appreciate how the instructors worked with my wife who isn't a shooter.  They were helpful, kind, and above all, always safe."  CJ  11/11/2017

By 10/21/17 email following the 10/21/2017 class:

"Good afternoon Bob.  Thank you very much for a very informative class today.  Though I only needed the Utah portion of the class I got more out of this class than I got from Gander Mountain’s MN Carry class during mid last year.  Presentation was outstanding and the handouts were very professional.  Thank you again.  Tony"

"Bob does a great job and obviously has a great deal of knowledge.  It was nicce to have access to such a wide variety of weapons.  Very comfortable teaching environment and methods.  Great job!"  Anon   9/23/17

"Class was enjoyable, informative and the instructor was very fun!"  Anon  9/23/2017

"Thank you - definitely worth the time.  I will recommend to my friends."  Anon  9/23/17

"Very good, all inclusive program & excellent teacher!  I thought we would do more "shooting practice" but now I will do it on my own with much more knowledge!  Thanks!" 
Instructor note:  we do shooting instruction and a shooting qualification.  We can usually bring even a very new shooter up to speed quickly but we do encourage all students to shoot a minimum of a box of ammo each month as practice to become more proficient and to learn what to expect out of their firearm and the ammunition they intend to carry.

"Thank you!  Great info and well prepared."  Anon  8/19/2017

"Did a great job; enjoyed the info and the light hearted humor as well.  I recommend this class to all folks interested in carrying a firearm"  Anon  7/15/2017 
Instructor note:  I believe this student and ALL others understand that the business of carrying a firearm is to be taken very seriously.  Any comments I make in a humorous tone have to do with peripheral issues and NOT the very serious issues of self defense and carry and use of a firearm.  (example:  "If you are fleeing from an attacker, it is nearly impossible to run and retrieve your firearm from an ankle holster at the same time, but if you would like to try it, I would like to video tape it and put it in my PowerPoint."  I believe that type of statement creates a mental picture that will last.  I doubt very many of my students will ever consider carrying their primary firearm in an ankle holster and I believe that is a good thing.)

"A lot more informative that the class I took 5 years ago in MN"  Anon  7/15/17

"Great job as always.  Look forward to the next renewal."  Anon  4/22/2017

"I was real nervous but you guys make me feel so good and give me confidence about myself.  Thank you so much."   Anon  4/1/2017

"Very informative.  Very knowledgeable instructor.  Good mix of slides, videos, personal experiences and stories.  Excellent location and room.  Only complaint:  Wasn't clear if we would break for lunch or not."  Anon  4/1/2017   Instructor note:  We do not take an extended break for lunch.  We take a 5 minute break every hour or so.  Each student is seated at a table and can eat anytime during the class.  We do supply muffins, cookie, fresh fruit and other snacks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc.  They are available all day.  I did note this in the frequently asked questions tab and would ask that all potential students read that document.  Bob.

"Previously took a WI class which was very inadequate. This class covered topics well, especially the safe handling of a firearm."  Anon   4/1/2017

"Great class.  Covered everything very well."  Anon  4/1/2017

"Very thorough and organized.  Well done.  Anon  2/18/2017

"Excellent instructor.  Good examples.  Stayed focused.  Very helpful-glad I took the course." 
Anon  2/18/2017

"Good course.  Well taught and informative."  Anon 2/18/2017 

"Well communicated!  Great all around.  Very well done.:  MM  2/18/2017

"I got a lot out of this.  Instructor and staff very professional.  Good delivery and presentation.  Specially happy that the class was not political - just self defense."  JM  2/18/2017

"I enjoyed this class very much.  Bob does a great job.  I'd recommend this class to others/"  Anon  1/28/2017

"Very enjoyable!  Thank you for all the knowledge.  I learned a lot."  Anon  1/28/2017

"Thank you very much.  You're an outstanding instructor."  PH  1/7/2017

"Very thorough class.  Well done!  Will Recommend to others"  Anon  12/3/16

"Bob gives an excellent class which is easy to understand and very informative.  I recommend his class to people who are interested in taking this course all the time.  I would just give all subjects an "A" because they have been discussed so thoroughly."  Anon  11/12/2016

"Good presentation, well spoken, friendly, patient and helpful."  Anon  11/12/16

"Very good class.  Comfortably presented and complete."  Anon  11/12/2016

"I really appreciated the emphasis on safety foremost.  Very comprehensive training.  Very professional presentation."  Anon.   10/8/2016

"I had shot a gun before but never loaded.  I now feel comfortable loading.  Glad I had to do a second round of shootings.  Felt much more comfortable and confident 2nd time."  SB 9/24/16

"Thank you so much!!!  This class was incredible and informative.  As an inexperienced shooter, I was nervous about shooting well enough.  Thank you for all of your help.  I look forward to practicing now that I feel comfortable!!"  Anon  9/10/2016

"Bob - I've taken the MN
class at Oakdale Gun Club before and your class is the best- please keep the classes going."  J.M.  8/20/2016

"In appreciation, presenting the serious decision to apply for and actively carry (concealed).  Very thorough training in a thought provoking manner.  Great and will recommend to others, especially to the beginners (like myself).  Thank you, Bob!"  A.M.  8/20/2016

"Loved this instructor.  He was fantastic.  Thank you!"  Anon  8/20/2016
"I appreciate the situational examples provided.  Loved having a female to assist  with range experience. (Mad me more comfortable as a woman shooter with minimal experience."  Anon  6/25/2016  
Instructor note:  I bring in additional NRA Certified Range Safety Officers to help on the range as needed.  Of the three that I regularly use, two are female.  All three of them are well versed in all aspects of the shooting qualification exercise.  One of the female RSOs is also an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor and will soon be a Utah certified instructor as well.  The other two RSOs are also NRA certified level II trapshooting instructors and they coach a high school trapshooting team.  It's a well rounded group and I'm very happy to have the three of them work with me on the range.

"Great instructor and very good course!  I'm very impressed.  Instructor was very well versed, excellent communicator & very friendly.  Thanks!"  Anon  6/25/2016

"Thank you!  Good bless America!"  Anon  6/25/2016

"Very knowledgable.  Good mix of info and humor - just right"  Anon  6/25/2016

"Very good class.  I enjoyed it alot.  I learned alot and have begun to to rethink some things."  Anon  4/23/2016

"Felt the course was very well done.  Safety was made paramount.  The instructor was well versed in all the areas covered."  Pat K.  4/23/2016

"Nice show.  Thank You!  I'll recommend and be back!"  Anon    4/23/2016

"I really enjoyed your class it was exactly what I hoped it would be. Thorough and very informative. Your case study stories were really good, they brought the point home.  The class room, refreshments  and the shooting range made for a nice instructional day,   Thanks !"  UK by email after the 2/20/2016 class.

"Thank you for the class on Saturday  you really do a great job of getting a lot of information  out in a interesting format."  CL by email after 2/20/2016 class. 

"Very informative.  Bob was very easy to understand."  Anon  2/20/2016

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging.  Thoroughly enjoyed class and feel very well informed.  Thank you!"  Anon  2/20/2016

"Very informative.  I was happy I chose this class."  Anon  2/20/2016

"Thank you.  Very well taught class.  A lot of information to listen to and interesting"  Anon 2/20/2016

Mr. Amey was very knowledgeable and kept the class very upbeat.  Would highly recommend anyone interested in conceal and carry to take his course."  JS  1/30/2016

"Bob was very knowledgeable, insightful and interesting to learn from."  Anon  1/30/2016

"Thorough instruction and hands on time were appreciated."  Anon  1/30/2016

"There was no Aspartame sweetener!  This was a great course!  Very enlightening.  Your anecdotes and depth of knowledge are superb!"  RP  1/30/2016
Instructor note:  We will have a non-sugar sweetener next time.  Hope your drive back to Michigan went well.

"Quite thorough on all topics mentioned here (on the course evaluation).  The booklet - great tool."  Anon  1/9/16

"Thank you for all your instruction and assistants too!   Anon  1/9/16

"Well organized, good experience, safe low stress environment.  Great handouts!  All forms given in folder -thanks.  Web sites given will be helpful.  Nice job - very knowledgeable."  Anon 1/9/16

"This class is well worth the fee!!  Thank you, Thank you!! Will be sending friends this way!!  Anon.  1/9/16

"Wonderful course - light years ahead of the last one I took!"  TF  12/5/2015

"Excellent.  Covered all issues necessary to properly use your handgun"  Anon  12/5/2015

"Outstanding class!!  Everyone should take it!!"  Anon  12/5/2015

"Very helpful to know.  Eye opening.  Good reminder to know the constitution.  Well done!  Great Training!"  Anon  11/14/15

"Knowledgeable and thorough.  Safety, safety, safety."  Anon  11/14/15

"Great class.  Great instructor.  Great facility.  I came here by word of mouth recommendation and I'll be sure to recommend it to my friends and acquaintances."  DPD  11/14/2015

"Bob,  Just wanted to thank you for the great class on Sunday.  It was interesting and so comprehensive. I was reviewing the take home materials you provided and appreciated how fully they mirrored the class.  They provide a great source for reference.  I have not yet looked at the DVD you provided, but will in the near future. 

It was nice too, that you had so  many firearms for us to see, handle and use for the shooting segment.  I am sure I speak for all the attendees, when I say that your wide scope of knowledge was much appreciated, as was your ability and willingness to freely share it with us.

I am not sure whether or not I will apply for the carry permit, but your class certainly helped me feel more comfortable with guns and provided me with knowledge of how to safely handle them.
Carole C.  10/25/15 by email following the class.

"Excellent!!  Great class!  Great instructors!  Great atmosphere!  Great Value!"  Tom S.  10/24/2015

"Nice job on the class this weekend.  Clean and Concise, well done"  DM 9/12/2015

"Thank you very much for all the help and encouragement.  I needed it."  DT  8/1/2015
Instructors note:  It was a genuine pleasure to watch this student grow in confidence and shooting ability in such a short time and with just a few pointers.  Thank you DT for your efforts!

"I felt as though you were extremely knowledgeable and gave great examples both legally and firearms safety.  All directions are clear and concise."  Anon.  6/27/2015

"Very interesting and knowledgeable.  Really enjoyed."  Anon  6/27/15

"Excellent class.  Recommending to anyone I know in the area!"  Anon  6/27/15

"A note of deep appreciation for the great class today for obtaining a Carry/Conceal permit. This is the second class I've taken for this, and I learned a lot from your presentations. You are an excellent teacher!"   John M.  email following 5/2/15 class.

"The instruction was presented well and thorough.  Was easy to understand and often eye opening.  Bob did a great job of highlighting the key critical points and kept an even pace for students.  The course outline was layed out well.  We especially appreciate reviewing the CD as a course follow up.  This is a great idea.  The shooting range experience was very enjoyable and was well managed.  It was also very inviting with no intimidation for the inexperienced shooters and seasoned alike."  JM  1/31/2015

"Excellent course!!  Very informative and knowledgeable!!  I will recommend to anyone!!  Great job!  Thank you."  NB 1/10/2015

"Well done!"  CF  1/10/2015

"Very good class.  I will highly recommend your class to friends."  BJB  1/10/2015

"I have taken other training and this one is very much superior."  Anon  1/10/2015

"You did a very good job and I will be recommending this course to friends and family."  Anon 1/10/2015

"Very informative.  Excellent job keeping it interesting."  Anon  1/10/2015

"Great class.  Very well done."  GS  12/6/2014

"This was an excellent class.  I learned everything I expected and more.  I appreciate being able to contact the instructor if I have any future questions."  Anon  12/6/2014

"The class was excellent.  Bob & Catie were very helpful on the range."  Anon  12/6/2014

"Awesome class"  Anon  12/6/2014

"I took this class on the recommendation of a former student-TM.  Great practical class."  HG12/6/2014

"Very engaging.  Thank you!"  Anon  12/6/2014

"Thank you for this thorough and interesting class.  And thank you for all the help shooting.  I had never shot and the individual help and attention was great!"  Anon  11/15/2014

"I would gladly recommend this class to anyone interested.  I feel that Bob and his helpers were professional, accommodating, knowledgeable and patient.  The learning environment was welcoming and comfortable.  The information was up to date.  This is my 1st experience with firearms.  By the end of the range exercise, I was much more comfortable.  I will strongly consider becoming part of the sport shooting community.  I look forward to improving my abilities in the hopes of never needing them."  Anon 10/4/14

"Probably, if not the best class about weapons / safety.  Thank you!"  Anon 10/4/14

"Great job!  This course is very thorough and was well worth the time and money.  I plan on having my wife and my adult child take this course before the end of the year."  Anon 10/4/14

"Great class.  Well taught and understandable."   Anon  10/4/14

"Bob - you run a great class (user friendly).  You:  1. Present information clearly.  2. Cover the info we need to abide by laws.  Thank you!"   Anon  10/4/14

"Very good class.  Would recommend!  Also will see you in 5 years."  Anon  10/4/14

"I just wanted to write and thank you for a great class last month.  By a wide margin, it was the best class I've ever taken and I've recommended your class to many of my friends. " YEE 8/23/14

"I've had a few other trainings over the years and this class, by far, is the most informative and technical of them all.  Great work!"  SD  7/26/2014

"Everything I expected and much more!  Extremely well done."  Anon  7/26/14

"Great course with very knowledgeable instructors.  I will recommend to my friends"  Anon 7/26/14

"The course was great.  Efficient, well planned and executed"  Anon  6/28/14

"It was a great class with very helpful information"  Anon  6/28/14

"Thanks for a great class. I really appreciate your attention to detail and practical applications. It was a pleasure to learn from you."  KO  5/18/14

"Great class!  Covered materials at an appropriate level.  Kept it on a practical level."  Anon 5/3/14

"Overall, instructor was fantastic."  Anon  5/3/14

"Wonderful experiences and lots of great info.  Highly recommended for all people to take the class regardless.  Thanks"  Anon  4/5/2014

"Thanks Bob!  I appreciate you did not treat this as a political bully pulpit.  We can choose to protect ourselves regardless of political affiliation."  Anon  3/22/2014

"This was a great class.  Very informative and didn't even seem like 8 hours"  Anon  3/22/2014

"Great course - truly enjoyed"  Anon  3/22/2014

"A+ on everything.  I was very impressed and glad I took this class.  I thought I wanted to apply for a conceal carry permit but now I don't think I want that responsibility"  Anon 3/22/2014
Instructor's note:  There is a great deal of responsibility when carrying a gun.  That is something I stress in class.  After taking the class I hope my students can make a well informed decision as this student has.  Clearly, you need to do what works for you.  I appreciate this comment.  With the certificates in hand, you are set if you change your mind at some time in the future.

"Thank you Bob!  Always enjoy your classes!  You do an awesome job!" MD  3/22/2014

"Very thorough, helpful and knowledgeable"  Anon  3/22/2014

"Good information and references to personal experiences make the class more interesting an able to keep attention of class.  Good info for state differences, easy to understand.  I will recommend this course to friends and more family."  Anon  3/1/2014

"Nicely done!  Very good class.  Appreciate the info.  Learned a lot."  Anon  3/1/2014

"Informative and well prepared.  Executed well."  Anon  3/1/2014

"Great class - learned a lot about the legal aspects and consequences.  Very well run class."  Anon  3/1/2014

"Well taught.  Very thorough.  Shooting test was challenging enough that it wasn't a freebie.  Will recommend."  Anon  3/1/2014

"Bob, Excellent!  Great job.  My compliments."  JW  2/15/2014

"Instructor is very knowledgeable about material.  Very good."  Anon 2/15/2014

"Very thorough course of instruction!  Great job, Bob!  Thank you!"  Anon  2/15/2014

I enjoyed the class very much.  It was very informative, clear and concise.  Our instructor was well versed in current affairs practical to or relevant to the class."  RO  2/8/2014

"Very well done; good to use the videos of examples of certain situations."  Anon 2/8/2014

"I am very glad and comfortable with my decision to take this class and pass on the online options available elsewhere."  Anon  2/8/2014

" Great job.  Got money's worth.  Good information."  Anon  2/8/2014

"I found the class to be very informative.  It is very clear that Bob loves what he does and that is seen through his presentations.  I also appreciate how Bob was very kind, making one feel less nervous."  Anon  2/8/2014

"Excellent class!  As an individual new to firearms, I thought the class was thorough, organized and clearly presented.  Bob was able to teach in a manner which allowed for clear understanding of Permit to Carry training, but also accounted for comprehensive understanding of firearms beyond the carry law."  Anon  2/8/2014

"Good job having a variety or handguns and holsters.  Good visuals.  Went over a lot of stuff.  All of my questions I had were answered in the material presented."  Anon  2/8/2014

"Overall very well taught.  Great explanation of things.  Was slightly concerned on how little gun time was used.  May I suggest a class of 8 hours and then a second day on the range"  Anon  2/8/2014  (This is the first comment I've received that my class should be two days.  At 8 hours, it's one of the longest carry classes out there already.  This is a carry class for MN, WI, UT and FL.  Of those 4 states, MN and FL are the only ones that requires ANY live fire qualification.  Our focus is much more geared to carry requirements, legalities and survival of a deadly force encounter than to marksmanship.  I would be happy to recommend additional gun handling training for you but it would clearly be beyond the intended scope of this class.   Bob Amey)

"Lots of very good information for someone who is very new with guns."  Anon  1/25/14

"Very well taught and professional classroom and range.  Very spouse friendly.  Thank you for your commitment to education."  Anon  1/25/14

"Overall very good class and knowledgeable instructor.  Would recommend highly."  Anon  1/25/2014

"Great job!  Kept it interesting.  I'd definitely recommend your course!"  Anon  1/25/14

"I thought it was a thorough course and appreciate the fact that questions are encouraged and answered clearly."  Anon  1/4/14

"All items presented and taught in an understandable way for good retention." Anon 1/4/14

Email received 12/9/2013 from student in 12/7/2013 class:
"i've been pondering all i heard saturday and wanted to thank you for clearly bringing home the concept of concealed carry.

i chose a .45 P220 Sig because i qualified with a .45 while in the air force and because i wanted the stopping power if i ever needed it. it never registered that the size of the P220 would make concealed carry difficult. i have read several articles from various magazines, Guns and Ammo being my first choice, but never captured the "concealed" part of some of the smaller, lighter "sissy" weapons from the articles. I wanted to stop the threat - no questions asked.
so thanks so much. i'm very glad i attended and hope others found as much education as i did."  DP  12/9/2013

"Great job leading multiple groups safely through training and appropriate direction. Very thorough evaluation / review of information.  Thank you for your tips and suggestions."  Anon  12/7/2013

"Time flies when you're having fun.  Great class and covered a ton of material.  Perfect class and great support for a 1st time shooter.  Will highly recommend."  Anon  12/7/2013

"My mother said when she comes home from Florida, she is coming down to get her permit.  You and your staff were awesome."  J.B.  12/7/2013

"Great class - presentation materials, skills and written materials were all really good."  Anon  11/16/2013

"Very good course.  Rights require responsibility.  Did a pretty good job stressing that."  Anon  11/16/2013

"Great class.  Would highly recommend.  You explained well."  Anon  11/16/2013

"Awesome!  Very professional, very strict, safe and thorough - Patient and non intimidating too!"  Anon  11/16/2013

Email received 10/27/2013 from a student in the 10/26/2013 class:
"Hey Bob, 
Just wanted to write you and thank you for teaching our class on Saturday.
I'm an ex-Federal Law Enforcement Firearms Training Instructor, I worked with the Airmunition group back in the early 2000's as a trainer/salesperson and worked with a lot of the Homeland Security and Air Marshal groups back then.  I really enjoyed the class and I highly doubt I would have been able to research and un-tangle all of the legal concerns or navigate the Utah permit + WI + MN, etc.
So I have to really give you loads of credit for being both patient with our group and delivering on all of the criteria you promised to cover.  Also getting those folks who were having trouble to pass is no small feat, so big credit for doing the needful with those of our group who needed extra attention.  I have sent your name to some of the folks that I know who are getting ready to get their permits, so hopefully they will be joining your future classes here in the near future.  
Please feel free to use me as a testimonial, or send folks my way if they are "on the fence."
Hope all is well, 

"Totally awesome.  Held my interest the entire 8 hours."   Anon  9/14/2013

"I have learned so very much today.  I got help with handling my gun better.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and all the information contained in the class."  Anon  9/14/2013

"Bob was very knowledgeable, explained laws clearly, answered questions thoughfully and made me feel capable of carrying a concealed firearm.  I really enjoyed his class and will recommend him to anyone seeking this certification."   Anon  9/14/2013

Really enjoyed the class.  This was the most thorough class on firearms and safety that I have taken since my Navy career.  I appreciate all the time and effort Bob takes to explain everything and makes everyone feel comfortable.  Definitely worth our five hour drive to get here.  Thanks again."  Amanda A.  8/24/2013

"Excellent course overall.  Thanks!"  Anon  8/24/2013

"Super job.  Thank you for your efforts, time and expertise to present this class.  I appreciate the handouts, material, your presentation and your preparedness and style."  Dan  8/3/2013

"Bob was very accommodating to me being pregnant.  I was able to us an airsoft gun to shoot and there were multiple examples and information regarding children and pregnancy.  Also during one of the breaks, he talked to me about the types of guns that would be better for me without me asking.  Thank you!"  Anon  7/6/2013  (We do keep a fully articulated 1911 type AirSoft pistol available for the exclusive use of any pregnant students.  It is amazingly accurate.  The shooting qaul for pregnant women is the exact same course of fire that everyone else shoots without the lead exposure.  When possible we try to have pregnant women shoot the qual before class to reduce lead exposure further.  Please note that everyone besides pregnant women must shoot live, powder burning ammo.  Bob Amey)

"All information was covered well.  This was my first course so I can't compare to anything.  I would promote this course."  Anon  6/22/2013

"Great Class.  Felt well covered.  Questions answered well."   Anon  6/22/2013

"Very well taught and answered all questions thoughtfully and precisely what we needed."  Anon 6/22/13

"Very good class that covered info in an enjoyable way."  Anon  5/11/2013

"Extremely informative class.  Great rapport with students."  Anon  5/11/2013

"Excellent course.  Very informative and kept it moving."  Anon 5/11/2013

"Thank you for all the useful information.  I had a great time."  Anon  5/11/2013

"Class was very professional and very well done, but a lot to put in to a 1 day class."  Anon  4/20/2013  (I wish more students felt this way but the vast majority do not.  At 8 full hours, my class is already one of the longest classes in the market place.  Some students suggest that it should be much shorter like some of the classes offered by other instructors.  I have reviewed the class content repeatedly and do not find anything that I would be comfortable leaving out.  This is the first student that told me the class should maybe be longer.  I do send each student home with over 100 pages of printed material and a CD containing another 200 or so pages of information.  I also make suggestions for other reading.  I do understand and appreciate this student wanting to know as much as possible before carrying and I pack what I can into each class.  I would like all students to see that my class is not the end of training but rather the beginning.  Hopefully it provides you with the understanding that you should continue to learn and keep up with changes, especially in the current political environment.  Bob Amey)

"Very informative class.  Liked the way it moved right along."  Anon  4/20/2013

"Well organized class.  Great materials"  Anon  4/20/2013

"Very informative in deciding when, where and if to carry.  Very thorough packet."  Anon  4/20/2013

"Taking this class really helps you to understand the responsibility and advanced thinking required in having a conceal permit!"  Anon  4/20/2013

"Bob is wonderful.  Made everyone feel comfortable asking questions."  Anon  4/20/2013

"Class was very informative and provided a wealth of information.  I would highly recommend your class to others.  Thanks."  Anon  4/20/2013

"Thank you so much.  Very helpful in building confidence and understanding.  Thanks for patience!" Anon 3/30/13

"Great job teaching the class.  Enjoyed the whole experience."  Anon  3/30/13

"Very well put together course.  Bob is very knowledgeable and does a great job teaching the course.  I really learned a lot from this course.  Bob Really knows his stuff!  Great course."  Anon  3/30/13

"Bob did a great job.  He presented topics I never thought of."  Anon  3/30/13

"I would give him an "A" in all categories.  He was exceedingly thorough at every level in each category.  He didn't skip over any point and made it an aim to stress the points of what is legal.  It was most informative and very well presented"  John E.  3/30/13

"Awesome class!  Thank you."  Anon  3/16/13

"Kept everyone interested.  Very good speaker."  Anon  3/16/13

"Well done.  Time efficient, well spoken presentation."  Anon  3/9/13

"Great class - content layed out good and explained good.  Class moves at a good pace.  Will recommend to others.  Great job!"  Anon  3/9/13

"A really great class.  A well oiled machine as we plowed through the material.  The class was presented in a way that I will retain the information.  Great job!"  Anon  3/9/13

"Thanks!  I really appreciated all the information, easy format to follow and simple explanations"  Anon 3/9/13

"Good class, very informative and well conducted.  I took a course in Iowa that wasn't nearly as informative."  Anon  3/9/13

"Greta class!  Learned more than I expected!  Will recommend to otehrs!"  John W.  3/9/13

"Thanks for the excellent class! You were way above my expectations."  John B.  2/16/13

"I enjoyed your class greatly.  You were concise, yet highly informative.  The occasional joke kept the class moving along.  I feel prepared to carry and deal with issues that may arise because of that.  Your organization and preparedness is perfect!  I'd recommend you to anyone.  Keep up the fantastic work!"  Chad M.  2/16/13

"Very informative.  Excellent instructor!"  Anon  2/16/13

"Thank you.  I really enjoyed the class.  Learned a lot of gun handling and laws."  Anon  2/16/13

"Bob is an awesome instructor.  Very patient, accurate, thorough and open for questions.  I will definitely recommend his classes for future students."  Anon  2/16/13

"Bob does a great job!  The class is organized, informative and interesting.  Very informative and enjoyable day.  Jane B.  2/9/13

"Excellent course.  I found the course informative and well presented.  Good Training" Dave T  2/9/13

"Thank you for developing and presenting in a way this is very understandable"  Anon  2/9/13

"This was a very well done class.  Bob takes the tie to explain everything very well"  Anon 2/9/13

"Good class; a lot of good info provided."  Anon  2/9/13

"Great course - thorough and detailed information.  Thank you for the CD, handouts and forms.  They will be accessed as I have questions."  Anon  2/9/13

"A very informative class taught in  a way that was informative as well as enjoyable"  Anon  2/9/13

"Great job!  Really enjoyed how the material was delivered.  A nice bonus that I was not expecting was the video on what NOT to say to the police.  Thanks Bob!"  Todd R.  2/9/13

"Very thorough - I enjoyed"  Anon  1/26/13

"Excellent instructor, very well put together course."  Anon  1/26/13

"Overall wonderful presenter of the material"  Anon  1/26/13

"The class was very informational, and Bob covered all of the topics well, and explained them to make sure everyone understood.  I will definitely recommend him for classes."  Anon  1/26/13 

"This was my third Minnesota class and second Utah. It was done very, very well."  Anon 1/26/13

"Great instructor and presentation / material"  Anon  1/26/13

"Bob was a very thorough instructor and you can't beat the cost of this class for the quality of instruction you get."  Anon  1/26/13

"Very enlightening.  More than I expected.  Thanks"  Anon 1/5/13

"Bob is an excellent instructor.  This class covered everything that I expected.  Well done!  I would highly recommend this class and Bob to others.  Thank you!"  Anon  1/5/13

"Great overall class - answered my questions well & I learned a lot! Thanks"  Anon  1/5/13

"Great class.  Nice to have handouts, CD and resources."  Anon  12/8/12

"Class was very informative and instructor was very knowledgeable."   Anon  12/8/2012

"I liked that the information all had factual examples behind it.  I felt like I was presented the information and given the opportunity to form my own opinion."  Anon 12/8/2012

"Thank you.  The instruction exceeded my expectations"  Anon  12/8/2012

"He was very good at what he does and we will pass out his business cards and recommend him to everyone we know"   CH  12/8/2012

"He was great!  I was confident in how he explained things and encouraged me."  Anon  11/10/12

"A lot more than expected.  Improved my confidence"   Anon  11/10/12 

"I'll be back to take this class in five years"  Anon  11/10/12

"Very accomplished speaker.  Clear, concise and to the point"  Anon  11/10/12

"Many people told me I needed to take your class before you retire.  They were right and I will pass along my recommendation to others as well."  Anon  10/27/2012     (Please note that I do not plan to retire any time soon.  Bob Amey)

"I really enjoyed the class.  Will recommend to others."  Anon  10/27/2012

"All good.  To the point.  Material covered well.  Will recommend to others."  Anon  10/27/12

"Thank you so much for helping me.  You made me feel very comfortable."  Anon  10/27/2012

"Your class was informative, interesting and very fun! We left today feeling very well "armed" with information that we need to be conceal carry permit holders."   CM   10/27/2012

Great Job.  Thanks for the class.  It was very knowledgeable and not boring!  BMJ  10/6/2012

"Everything was covered well.  Very interesting and very informative.  Great job, thank you".  Anon 10/6/12

"Your class was very enjoyable and I look forward to getting a lot more practice with my pistol skills by joining the Hudson Gun Club."   M.S.   7/21/12

"Thanks again, I was totally amazed how informative your class was, I learned so much." Mike  7/21/12

"Instructor was very knowledgeable and interesting.  He was informative and entertaining making the 8 hours a total success.  I came to class afraid and left more confident and anxious to shoot some more targets"   D.S.    7/21/2012

"Excellent course.  Very detailed.  Instructor was exceptionally skilled and made the class interesting.  I learned a lot."  Anon  7/21/2012

"Great Class.  Definitely helped with my understanding of when deadly force can and cannot be used as well as the legal implications of doing so."   Anon  6/23/2012

"Excellent class and instructor.  Good pace, break interval good, course content very good and easy to follow.  I want my daughters to take this course."  Anon  6/23/2012

"Great classes. Thank you.  I feel more comfortable with owning a gun."  Anon  6/23/2012

"Dear Mr. Amey,

I just wanted to thank you once again for training Saturday. Your training was excellent. I have suffered through many, many poor training courses as part of my career over the years so I really appreciate a well done course. I can tell that a lot of thought and care went in to developing your presentation. What I really appreciated was the high level of organization. Thank you and I will be sending some students your way.

  DS   6/2/2012

"Bob is an excellent instructor!  The real stories that happened locally were effective at emphasizing the point / the rule."  Anon  5/12/12

"Excellent class.  I learned so much, much more that at a previous class I had taken 5 years ago.  Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and "no-nonsense"......The class also kept everyone's interest and attention.  Thank you for a marvelous class!  I promise I will keep practicing"  Anon  5/12/12

"Very thorough, good, clear messages - no doubt to any components.  Wonderful!  Thank you."  Anon.  5/12/12

"I would recommend this class to anyone looking to obtain a permit to carry"   CF  5/12/12

"Enjoyed the class.  Learned a great deal about carry.  Enough about carry to reconsider why I wanted the permit.  If I decide to carry, I feel that I have a great foundation to begin.  Thank you."  Anon 4/21/2012

"Best class by far!!  Bob, you the man"   Anon  4/21/2012

"Very good course.  Bob makes all of the participants feel comfortable and capable.  He is knowledgeable and  able to impart this easily to students."  Anon  4/21/12

"Well run course.  I would be glad to recommend to others."  Tim C.  4/21/2012

"Everything was covered very well and was very good to listen to.  Instructor Bob is very well informed and passes it on in a clear and educational way.  Thank you."  Anon  2/18/12

"Great Class!!  Awesome instructor"  Anon  2/18/12

"Very nice, well presented course"  Anon.  2/18/12

"What a great class!  Well instructed, a wealth of knowledge.  Learned many new things.  Great job Bob.  Thank you."  Anon.  2/18/12 

 "The class is fantastic!  The instructor is great!    I really feel that I made a good choice in selecting this class.  Well worth the money!"   K.D.  1/28/2012

 "Very good and thorough presentation.  Thank you!"   anon   1/28/12

"Your program is very well planned and organized and the shooting periods were excellent."  D.S. 1/28/12

"In the USMC, we call this type of class "MOST  OUTSTANDING".  Thank you very much."  J.D.

"Very good course with an A+ for preparation and handouts.  Bob Amey has gone the extra mile to assure that students of this class have the materials required to answer 'Conceal & Carry' questions after they have left the classroom.  Well done!!!"  Craig

"Mr. Robert Amey did an excellent job.  A very good teacher. It was an eight hour class well worth taking.  Thanks." Dave

"Very comprehensive education!"

“Laurie wanted me to pass her thoughts and thanks on to you for the help and patience that was displayed on Saturday.

Since I have known her, she has never been comfortable around firearms.  I have tried to help by telling her “It is not the firearm, but the person behind it”.  We have gone out and shot some, but she was just not “sold” on the idea that it can be fun and safe.  Bob, that all changed on Saturday, I have never seen her so excited about a gun, that’s all we talked about on the way home.

Laurie was on the receiving end of a discharged firearm, so I can try to understand her fear and apprehension.  But it was with your assistance,  she finally overcame her fears.  I have to tell you Bob, she is a different person, and we would BOTH like to extend our gratitude for helping Laurie over this hurdle.”  Paul

“I learned more that I expected with all the subjects.  You made everything very easy to understand and answered all the participants questions.”

“Outstanding course.   Very interesting.  Well presented by an excellent instructor.  Truly enjoyed the class and the day.”

“Very informational class.  Everyone should take this course even if they have no desire to carry a firearm.”

“Excellent delivery, enthusiasm, desire to help students understand.  Real gentleman.”




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